Synergy Media Tech

Software based video products for any screen, any network

Synergy Cloud Video

Synergy cloud video is a complete platform for end-to-end video acquisition, ingest, management and delivery platform that can be used on the public internet or private networks.

Synergy Mobi

Synergy Mobi is a complete video broadcasting and management platform for mobile devices that includes live video capture, encoding and transmission to a distribution point or to a content delivery network.

Synergy Premise

Our premise software is geared for to enable a local distribution of video within a network or a closed private network. The Synergy Premise solution is ideally suited for a host-it-yourself scenario when you want to deploy and manage an in-house video distribution platform.

Synergy Premise is the web application based on managing the content on the box. The main module is Player Management which facilitates the user to create Player and watch the videos of its binded playlist. Other functionalities added to this application includes Upload Videos (Single/Multiple), Video Direct, Playlist Management, and Video Listing.

Synergy Media Framework

Synergy media framework comprises of functional building blocks that can be leveraged in any media application product development. The ready-made library is ideal for quick and quality control assured project deployments.

Synergy CDN

Synergy CDN is a private cloud cluster of elastic servers required to distribute live streams to various devices, which can be scaled up and down based on the usage. It is intended to be used by the streaming service provider companies to their end customers, enterprise companies to have their own secure streaming infrastructure or any other video platform to have custom ingestion and distribution network for live services.