Synergy Premise
Live and on-demand video infrastructure for premise environments

Our Synergy Premise software is geared to enable a local distribution of video within a  closed private network. The Synergy Premise solution is ideally suited for a host-it-yourself scenario when you want to deploy and manage an in-house video distribution platform. Be it live video or an on-demand workflow needs, Premise allows video ingest, process, controlled access and distribution on web and mobile.


Live video integration

Live video delivery within your internal network

Multi profile secure video delivery

Software defined media transcoding for multi profile video deliveries

User Access Control

Integration with LDAP or your on premise ACL for complete control

Analytics and tracking

Video analytics and user tracking to ensure the best media delivery experience for all

Responsive multi device players

HTML5 based players for consistent user experience on both desktops and mobile browsers

API ready for enterprise apps

Complete REST API driven for integrations with existing content management systems or any other appliances

Cloud Compatible

AWS/Azure/Google cloud compatible for on-demand video ingest to cloud from premise

Key Advantages

  • Accelerate new business model deployment
  • Low cost linux based software product
  • API ready
  • Works with existing encoders

Ideal Solution For

  • Synergy Premise for GovernmentsGovernments
  • Synergy Premise for Educational InstitutesEducational Institutes
  • Synergy Premise for HospitalsHospitals
  • Synergy Premise for Hotels and hospitality venuesHotels and hospitality venues
  • In flight entertainmentsIn flight entertainments

Customer success stories

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