MiXie Education Tech

Transforming training and education through Immersive media technologies

“The most important principle for designing lively e-learning is to see e-learning design not as information design but as designing an experience.”

—Cathy Moore

Learning, Simplified  ̶̶  MiXie LTMS Suite powers the creation, management, and experience of immersive training with a unique level of data-driven insights and simulates real-world environments.

The importance of e-Learning has increased significantly in past few years. Mixie LTMS provides more interactive way to personalize the learning experience. Its unique set of features enables numerous opportunities for students and trainees to make their learning experience more interactive and engaging compare to traditional approach.

  • Easy Authoring
  • Micro Learning
  • Authorized Certifications
  • Knowledge Base
  • Immersive Collaboration
  • Smart Learning
  • 360-degree immersive learning
  • Mixed Reality training

MiXie LTMS Suite

Immersive Learning App framework for Smart TV and Set Top Boxes. MiXie ILA is a Virtual Learning Environment which supports any style of training and learning system.
Open, Intuitive and Semantic Learning Management System. MiXie LMS is designed and developed for Easy Authoring, Micro Learning, Immersive Collaboration, Knowledge base & Authorized Certification.
HUB is an application intended to provide virtual classes in form of card stacks. It helps to understand, if you’re truly fuelling your instructional decisions and promoting the progress with effective, reliable, easy-to-understand data. It enables the stable communication between different platforms and devices.
An immersive content creation for your e-learning needs. MiXie Creative is a complete Open, Intuitive course authoring Unit for eLearning platforms.
MiXie Training, a smart system that merges the trainee's real-world view with a synthetic environment for a whole new way to effectively train in a seamless, enhanced mixed reality.
With all of your communication and tools in one place, Intelliloop keeps you in loop.