Synergy Media Framework
Ready to use functional building blocks for next generation video products

Synergy media framework comprises of functional building blocks that can be leveraged in any media application product development. These blocks speed up the development cycle, shorten your go to market time and provides business business agility to make a quicker move.

Building Blocks


  • Live Capture
  • Browser Upload
  • Bulk Ingest
  • FTP Upload
  • Cloud Ingest


  • Metadata
  • Transcode
  • Encryption & DRM
  • Thumbnail Extraction


  • User access
  • Business rules
  • Asset management
  • Asset packaging


  • Web Players
  • Mobile and Tablets
  • ABR Video
  • Geo blocking

Content Management Platform

  • Asset management
  • Player Management
  • User Management
  • Tracking


  • Ad Integrations
  • In app purchases
  • Pay walls
  • Pay per view
  • Banner ads


  • Asset tracking
  • Asset usage understanding
  • Engagement analytics
  • User consumption patterns
  • Content Insights
  • Deep video reports

Key Advantages

  • Robust system has been used in multiple large scale deployments
  • Control cost by selecting only the feature set you require
  • Speed time to market
  • Adopt time tested tools and proven framework

Ideal Solution For

  • Synergy Media Framework for Start-upsStart-ups
  • Synergy Media Framework for Enterprise customersEnterprise customers
  • Synergy Media Framework for Educational InstitutesEducational Institutes
  • Synergy Media Framework for Cable networksCable networks

Customer success stories

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