MiXie Creative

Immersive content creation for
your e-learning needs.

MiXie Creative is a complete Open, Intuitive course authoring Unit for eLearning platforms.

MiXie Creative is changing the way the world learns with products that make it easy to create, distribute, and manage online training that delights learners. More learners in different countries have learned new skills, gained new insight, and received career-boosting training made possible by MiXie Creative.

MiXie Creative has been developed by extending e-Learning platforms and customizing various plugins. MiXie Creative is designed and developed for Easy Authoring, Micro Learning, Immersive Collaboration, Knowledge base & Authorized Certification.


User functionality in MiXie Creative

MiXie Creative consist of six main components as pillars of this system. They are –

  1. Authoring LMS Courses
  2. Interactive Video based learning
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Scenario Learning
  5. Content Curation
  6. Gamification