AR/VR & MR Development Services

Demystifying the Extended Reality Landscape

Realize The Marvels Of AR, VR And MR with Immersive Media Technologies

What do you understand by AR/VR and MR development?

The border between the virtual and real world continues to break down, providing breath-taking experiences that, a short time ago, could only be found in the imagination of sci-fi writers.

What are the key benefits of hiring AR/VR app development company like IntelliMedia?

We at IntelliMedia Networks, as one of the prominent AR/VR development company, facilitates you with AR/VR and MR development services so that you can explore the tangible benefits of these emerging technologies. By collaborating with you, we can create an immersive and visually delightful augmented reality experiences for your business using the best artificial intelligence tools.

Become more innovative and disruptive

How much does it cost to develop an AR/VR App? 

Yes, its not all about money! We, as an AR/VR and MR development company, enable companies to create and operate their new virtual reality, where they can extend their brand presence, services, and creativity, maximizing engagement with their customers and employees while reinventing their business verticals and bringing in higher ROI using the best augmented reality services of ours with highly prominent artificial intelligence technologies.

Various Immersive Technologies trending today

Augmented Reality

Our team of experts can bring your virtual ideas to life. AR is a critical tool for brands to capture consumer attention, better connect with people, and build consumer trust.

Mixed Reality

Explore powerful user-engaging bonding virtual and real worlds to discover breathtaking experiences ahead of imagination

Virtual Reality

Create an incredible three-dimensional artificial worlds and immersive experiences for your users through virtual reality technology.

Industries we serve with our Enterprise Immersive Solutions of AR/VR and MR

Integrate with world-class augmented, mixed and virtual reality enterprise solutions to create better results and embrace technologies to accelerate transformation.

Core Education










Explore Our Immersive Solutions

01Immersive Virtual Tour Platform for properties

02Interactive 360° and 3D Environments

03Virtual Property Showcases

04 Enhanced 3D Floorplans

05 Augmented Reality Interactively Highlights Key Selling Features

08Matterport Services

07 Artificial Intelligence-powered Semantic Search

08 Buyer Live Chat and Interaction with Agents Compatible with MLS, Zillow, and Redfin, Supports VR Headgear, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Mobile and Desktop Web Browsers for Maximum Compatibility

MiXie Expo - Virtual trade show & Event platform

Our virtual tradeshow and expo platform enables our customer in delivering impactful experience with our AR/VR app to their Exhibitors and Visitors through virtual reality platform.

  • Virtual Venues
  • Live Chat Sessions
  • Live Polls and Surveys
  • Visitors Onboarding
  • Immersive exhibitor’s booth
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Virtual Webinars

MiXie Training - immersive training platform

We as a notable augmented reality app development company, provide training platform as an intuitive immersive experience for self guided or facilitator-led sessions, with adaptive learning paths and assessments.

  • Little/no risk
  • Safe, controlled area
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Can be done remotely saving time and money
  • Improves retention and recall
  • Simplifies complex problems/situations
  • Suitable for different learning styles
  • Innovative and enjoyable

Domotics - Real Estate Immersive Solution

The real estate industry is rapidly transforming with the advent of AR/VR technology, where an agent can showcase properties in immersive 3D models to the client. We as AR/VR development company, has worked with few of the best real estate agencies and provided them first in class AR/VR based solutions that can help them grow their business at rapid space.

  • Immersive Virtual Tour Platform for properties
  • Interactive 360° and 3D Environments
  • Virtual Property Showcases with AR/VR apps
  • Enhanced 3D Floorplans
  • Augmented Reality Interactively Highlights Key Selling Features
  • Buyer Live Chat and Interaction with Agents Compatible with MLS, Zillow, and Redfin, Supports VR Headgear, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Mobile and Desktop Web Browsers for Maximum Compatibility
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered Semantic Search
  • Matterport Services

AR/VR Technology For Automobile Manufacturers

AR/VR technology in the manufacturing industry can accelerate the daily operations in sectors such as 3D product prototype tools and techniques, where a virtual build of the product is necessary.

Using AR/VR tech Intellimedia’s AR/VR app development team, recently created one application that helps manufacturing business owners to view and inspect their machineries with virtual reality giving them a feel of real time presence

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between AR and VR?

AR augments the real-life scenarios and VR creates completely immersive virtual environments.

What is the best platform for building AR or VR apps?

We are using the best! Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 are the two best platforms to consider for VR app development. Whereas, ARCore and Vuforia are the finest platforms for creating AR apps.

Which programming language is used to develop AR/VR-based apps?

While C and C++ are primarily used for developing AR and VR applications, C# is also used in collaboration with the Unity engine.

How long does it take to build an AR or VR app?

It totally depends on requirements! Because the development time and effort depends on the app features, complexity, developers’ experience, resources availability, and more.

How much does it cost to develop AR/VR apps?

The cost to make an app using this technology varies depending on the app complexity, targeted user base, app features, and various other such features. To know the exact cost estimate, it is better to discuss your app idea with our technical experts or email us at

How to choose a full stack AR/VR development company?

Factors like expertise, experience, portfolio, team size, location, communication channel, client feedback, etc will help you choose the best. Reach out to our support team at for more information.