Software based video products for any screen, any network

Synergy Cloud Video

Synergy cloud video is a complete platform for end-to-end video acquisition, ingest, management and delivery platform that can be used on the public internet or private networks.

Synergy Mobi

Synergy Mobi is a complete video broadcasting and management platform for mobile devices that includes live video capture, encoding and transmission to a distribution point or to a content delivery network..

Synergy Premise

Our premise software is geared for to enable a local distribution of video within a network or a closed private network. The Synergy Premise solution is ideally suited for a host-it-yourself scenario when you want to deploy and manage an in-house video distribution platform.

Synergy Media Framework

Synergy media framework comprises of functional building blocks that can be leveraged in any media application product development. The ready-made library is ideal for quick and quality control assured project deployments.