intelliExpo - Virtual Exhibition Platform

Virtual Exhibition and Trade Shows Platform

Deliver impactful experience to your exhibitors and visitors

Get the maximum out of your virtual events and virtual exhibitions

Stress-free solution for hosting your event

Why choose intelliexpo as your virtual exhibition platform?

01Cost Effective

The overall cost of managing your event will be reduced by 75%. You would save on staff, venue, setup and takedown, attendee’s hotels, meals, travel costs.

02Saves Time

Because your event is virtual, you’ll also save yourself, your staff, and your attendees time and can focus on other important things that need their attention.

03Global Reach

People from across the world can join instantly without thinking about travel. So, you can grow your audience get everyone to participate, no matter where they live.

A Feature Rich Product

IntelliExpo is a cross-device desktop web and mobile experience platform that combines cutting edge design, community features, integrated webinars and live video to deliver maximum results of your efforts.

Visitors Onboarding

Your guests and potential attendees can visit your online event before the event period to do registration.

Dynamic Lobby

A realistic event environment for attendees. Also give more exposure to your sponsors and exhibitors by banner and video display.

Virtual Exhibitors Booths

Customizable display booths for exhibitors to showcase multimedia elements like e-brochures, posters, videos, contact information and more.

Seminar Hall

Speakers on stage can present remotely and interact with audiences via live chat, Q&A, polling functions.

Meeting Room

Visitors can participate virtually ongoing meeting or discussion and can share their opinion with others.


Visitors’ engagement with your event can be strengthened by offering them to participate in a few virtual games and can promote the brands.