Hyper Reality Streaming video solution 

Hyper reality experiences merges virtual reality technology with physical stage effects that incredibly enhances the experience. With HoloPort by IntelliMedia Networks, transport and immerse yourself into the new age video experiences that combines the power of virtual reality and live communication.

By bringing IntelliMedia Networks’ video streaming capabilities in hyper reality world, we are opening up new possibilities. Imagine a use case of students experiencing a real world distant class room or attending a meeting by remotely participating in virtual conference room.

This solution is perfect for virtual office environments, distant trainings , reality property walkthroughs etc. 3D VR environments will ‘port’ users virtually where they will be able to experience interactive AR elements and experience live streaming with presenters will be projected with live holograms.


VR Walkthrough
Motion Detection
AR Framework
Mixed Reality Framework
Immersive Media Framework
Holographics Streaming

Key Advantages

  • Incredibly immersive experience
  • Better retention
  • Higher engagement
  • Lower costs
  • Brand differentiations
  • Better recall

Ideal Solution For

  • Churches
  • Sports leagues
  • Event organizers
  • Education
  • Businesses
  • Broadcasters

Customer success stories

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