Stay in loop, always with intelliLOOP!

With all of your communication & messages in one App, intelliLOOP helps your teams to stay productive. intelliLOOP is a fully secure mobile communication platform, ideal for remote working professionals. An astonishing user experience with easy to navigate screen & a simple response mechanism.

  • Interact with ease with your Team members and increase productivity.
  • intelliLOOP makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information in an innovative way of communication using the card view. try it out today!

intelliLOOP core provides all the infrastructure necessary to build  communication & messages in one App. It implements the key concepts that all the different plugins will need to work with.

Key Features


Easily send notifications, general messages to all your company members.

Easy to switch UI Modes

Switch to dark mode and regular UI mode easily from settings.

Request-Response based messaging

Initiate polls, Send questions to your team with multiple choice answers for data gathering.

Meeting Scheduling

Quickly schedule meetings with your team in just one click.

One to one/Department level group chat

Chat securely with your teammates and your department as well as one-to-one with anyone in the team.


In intelliLOOP, users are anyone who uses the intelliLOOP system. In order to join a department or communicate with peer members, users need to be registered with a given role, such as:

  • Users
  • Admin

Customizable branding

Easily customize an intelliLOOP theme with your logo, color schemes and much more – or simply design your own theme.

Enrollment and Secure authentication

Secure authentication and enrolment options to add and enroll users to your intelliLOOP site and app.

Manage user roles & permissions

Address security concerns by defining roles to specify and manage user access.

Detailed reporting & logs

View and generate reports on activity and communication the user and department levels.