Apollo Hub

Virtual Learning Environment to support any style of training and learning system.

Apollo HUB is an application intended to provide virtual classes in form of card stacks. It helps to understand, if you’re truly fueling your instructional decisions and promoting the progress with effective, reliable, easy-to-understand data. It enables the stable communication between different platforms and devices. It provides multilingual support containing Audio – Video and informative courses in form of intuitive Cards followed by assessments.. Once the video lesson starts, it leads the users to through sequential scenarios. Also, this establishes live communication between the teachers and students (or) trainees and trainers.


User functionality in Apollo HUB

User is identified by roles defined in three categories.

  1. Admin – Admin will be able to manage and perform all CRUD operations on the content. Admin will be having all set of permissions to manage users. Admin will be responsible for handling Q&A.
  2. Trainer – A Trainer is an end-user which will be managing set of Trainees with the courses and assessment. A Trainer can login to Admin portal with restrictive set of permissions to manage Q&A.
  3. Trainee – A Trainee is an end-user who will have access to the iOS/Android mobile through which he/she can access the content, perform real-time assessments and ask questions.

Added facilities provided by Apollo HUB:

  • Creation and editing of user profiles: In Apollo HUB, the moment an user creates his account, a profile is created for that user. The user needs to fill in his initial details for completing his profile. The user generally always have the permission to edit his own profile anytime on Apollo HUB.
  • Enrolments and access control: Users are generally enrolled into some courses and according to their permission settings and the groups to which they belong, they have limited access on Apollo HUB.

A bit more about Apollo HUB:

Activity and course completion: The activity completion system allows activities such as Quizzes, SCORM modules, etc. to be marked complete when specified conditions are met.

Navigation, settings and configuration: The Navigation block provide easy access to view various sections of the Apollo HUB site and includes:

  • Site pages – links to site pages and resources from the front page of Apollo HUB
  • My profile – quick links allowing a user to view their profile, forums posts, blogs and messages as well as manage their private files
  • My courses – lists and links to courses the user is associated with. Click the course’s title to view the front page of the course or use the arrows to navigate quickly to a specific section, resource or activity.

Key Features

Lessons: The admin will be able to manage the lessons like create, edit, delete etc., A new lesson contains Lesson type (Audio, Video, text or URL), Thumbnail, Video, Title, Description, course content, images etc. The video and the thumbnails are stored in the cloud and will be accessible from different Apps. The Lesson will be created in multiple ways, either uploading the video or by sharing the external URLs, and using the App type will be able to bifurcate the content to decide the distribution types.

Resources: The admin will be able to manage the resources like create, edit, delete etc., A new resource contains resource material (PDF), Thumbnail, Title, Description, text. The materials are stored in the cloud and will be accessible from iOS and Android Apps.

Q&A: This is a very important feature which acts as the bridge between the admin and end users (i.e., teachers and students). The admin will be able to clarify the doubts which are raised by the end users (students). This is real time chat communication which will be notified in all the platforms/devices.