June 3, 2019

HoloPort on NewsWatch Channel


Be Anywhere at Anytime with Holoport | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report
The combination of AR and VR offers much more than an immersive gaming experience. The applications are endless and if used right can place anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

IntelliMedia Networks has cemented themselves as a leader in the world of broadcasting and live video delivery with their line of popular enterprise and consumer media products.

They are now moving to redefine real-world applications for AR & VR. Their team has years of experience in developing enterprise solutions, cloud-based Saas platforms and general software engineering know-how, bringing a lot of knowledge to the table. Their newest solution, Holoport, combines virtual reality and augmented reality technology with physical stage effects that allows you to transport yourself to live video environments and engage in real-time.

Holoport can take you from your office or living room and place you into a distant classroom or allow you to attend a meeting you’re physically nowhere near. Imagine being a realtor and having the ability to walk clients through a property without them having to physically be there.

The applications of this technology are limitless, and could a be game-changing solution for event organizers and planners, the media, sports leagues, religious organizations, and educational institutions, and so much more.

By combining AR and VR as well as live holograms of attendees for an event or seminar, Holoport creates a hyper-reality environment that allows immersive training and meetings no matter where you are in the world.

Imagine being able to view and interact with various 2D and 3D assets and visuals with 360-degree immersion. While this technology obviously removes physical barriers, there are so many other key advantages like better retention, higher engagement, brand differentiation, and better recall.