April 19, 2019

HoloPort and MiXie wins NAB Show 2019 Product of the Year Awards


IntelliMedia announces the launch of three new next-generation intelligent video and enterprise VR solutions

Leading Cloud video solutions provider IntelliMedia Networks’ (NAB 2019 Booth SU 8924) two products WON 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards. The Los Angeles based media-tech company delivers personalised video experiences across all screens and has proven track record in video management, publishing, analytics, and monetization. It has been providing enterprise media solutions to many Fortune 500 companies, OTT providers, SMBs, government agencies.
This year’s its product launches include Holoport and MiXie, to provide enterprise VR solutions and for live streaming with real-time graphics overlays. Both have won NAB 2019 Show Product of the Year Awards.


Product of the year NAB2019, is a hyper-reality streaming solution that provides customized high impact immersive training and visualization applications.

It also lets users experience 360-degree walkthroughs with integrated AR elements. A user can experience volumetric video within this virtual environment. From hyper-realistic graphics that respond to the user’s presence to specialized audio that lets one hear sounds from multiple directions, HoloPort facilitates it all!

This product can be utilized for 3D visualization & asset creation; 2D and 3D animation; Photogrammetry; 360-degree video; 3D modeling and texturing; Real-time VFX Environment scanning among a host of other applications.

This solution is extremely useful for event organizers, sports leagues, broadcasters, education, and businesses.


Product of the year NAB2019 is a live encoding app (iOS) with real-time graphics overlay, which facilitates streaming of professional quality live videos simultaneously on multiple platforms. MiXie helps the new content creators with a simpler and quicker solution to publish their stories.

This product is highly recommended for sports and live event broadcasting like consumer broadcasting for social media. It’s a must for organizers of the events to broadcast graduations, seminars and keynote addresses, corporate presentations, announcements and sales communications, faith-based event broadcasting and special services.

About IntelliMedia

IntelliMedia Networks, Inc is a U.S. based company committed to the delivery of world-class media delivery solutions for its customers worldwide. It has a proven track record of delivering quality solutions on time and within budget.

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