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What is UI/UX Design? The key difference between UI vs UX

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Do you know that 25-94% of websites are clicked due to their first interface designs? The interface design is equally important as the product’s quality to run an e-commerce business.

We have brought you a complete guide on understanding UX and UI design. So without waiting anymore, let’s dive in to explore these product development significant terms, UX and UI designs.

What is user experience (UX) design?

User experience design is a convenient user interface design based on users’ expectations and requirements.

For instance, if a person lands on your e-commerce website to buy your product and he tries to find the materials and features of a product. A user-friendly user experience design will allow the user to find the required data quickly.

On the other hand, if a user faces a problem and finds the process time-consuming, they will be more likely to move forward to any other e-commerce website. Hence, creating a decent user experience design must run any digital business successfully.

What does a UX designer do?

A UX designer is responsible for creating the best user interface design, which leads to customer satisfaction and enhanced customer relationship management.

From product development to deciding functions, usability, and branding, a UX designer has multiple roles to perform. A UX designer must consider many factors before forming the user interface design.

A UX designer needs to decide the target audience for the application. The designer also has to understand the mind and needs of audiences and make their experience smooth and satisfactory.

Responsibility of UX Designer

Now the question is, what are the specific responsibilities of a UX designer? Here is the list of professions a UX designer exercises:

Thorough user analysis

Thorough user research is necessary for a good UX design. A UX designer performs focus groups, surveys, A/B testing, and several one-on-one interviews. A user analysis includes recognizing the user's behavior, requirements, issues, and aims.

Understand and relate the brand and the user

Identifying a user's problem and necessity should be the first step while creating a user interface design. A UX designer creates a plan that introduces users' problems and then solves them by relating them to their brand.

Wireframe and user flow

The wireframe is a process in which a UX designer designs the layout in a way that meets the consumer's needs step by step. And making the wireframe process smooth for users is referred to as user flow.

What is user interface (UI) design?

User interface design is all about forming an interface design in computers and software, which stresses on style and looks of the inside of an application. They aim to develop a convenient and comforting design for users. There are three main kinds of UI design that we experience in our everyday lives. These are:

Voice-controlled interface

In UI design, voice-controlled interfaces are interfaces that users experience through the device’s voices. For instance, Alexa in android application development and Siri in iPhone application development are voice-controlled interfaces.

Graphical user interface 

The visual manifestation of the user experience is a graphical user interface in UI design—for instance, a computer’s desktop.

Gesture-based interface 

The real-time 3D experience through moving animations, as in virtual reality games, is referred to as a gesture-based interface in UI design.

What does a UI designer do?

A UI designer forms the whole layout of the interface of every corner and then brings it all together to develop a decent design for any brand or label. A UI designer is expected to create a brand design that sticks to the user’s mind when a user beholds it. UI designer’s function is to:

  • Choose adequate fun animations
  • Decide typography, images, colors, and spacings
  • Placing the elements of UI, including drop-down lists, form and text fields, buttons, checkboxes, icons, and scrollbars.
  • A design that is inclusive, accessible, and responsive is adaptable to every screen size and digital device.

Responsibility of UI Designer

Here is the set of responsibilities that a UI designer adopts:

Research, the brand's competitors

Research the same top brands, observe their way of designing the interface and then form their own by adopting the style and concepts.

Performing audience analysis

A UI designer conducts thorough research on the target audience and understands their needs and interests. It then forms a user design interface along with a UX designer.

A synergetic design

A UI designer is responsible for forming a synergetic design and adding as much creativity as possible, for instance, creating animation tutorials when somebody clicks the interface icon.

Which is better, UI or UX?

Which is better, UI or UX? It is suitable to say that UI is a part of giant UX design, and UX and UI design are not real competitors.

We can even say UX and UI design are equally important for product development. When a product development starts, it is always a UX designer who first creates the layout of the user experience.

The UX designer is responsible for recruiting and building a different team for product development. After this process, the UI designer took over the charge and installed software for further designing and functioning.

Nowadays, companies recruit both UX and UI designers; hence, there is equal scope in both fields. But if you have a nose for internal design software, then UI design should be your choice.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the first UX or UI?

UX is always first between user interface vs. user experience designs. A UX designer creates the layout and handover the remaining to UI developers for further UI/UX Design Services. The further product development of UX Design Services is undertaken by both UI and UX designers.

What do UX and UI stand for?

No, UX design doesn’t require coding at all. But that doesn’t mean a UX designer should not learn to code, and it is beneficial for product understanding and lean institutions.

Does UX design require coding?

No, UI design also doesn’t require coding. But coding can be an additional benefit to UI designers for a smooth workflow, a major collaboration with big developers, and finding far better job opportunities.

Does UI design require coding?

It totally depends on requirements! Because the development time and effort depends on the app features, complexity, developers’ experience, resources availability, and more.

Is UI a part of UX?

Yes. UI is a part of UX. While UX is the whole circle, the first step of any product development, a UI is no less significant than UX design. Mostly, the UX designers took over the responsibility of searching for and hiring UI designers.

How do UX design and UI design work together?

UX and UI design are both collectively responsible for product development. In UX and UI design, the main focus of a UX designer remains on creating a satisfactory product and a decent optimization strategy that brings clicks and leads. At the same time, UI design works on creating an interactive layout and stresses how to present the product in front of a user. That’s how UX and UI design both play their significant parts.

What is the difference between UI and UX design with examples?

There is a lot of difference between UI and UX design. People often find it tricky to find the difference between UI and UX design. But we have brought you the UX vs. UI designs. For instance, in UX vs. UI design, the UX tries to solve the customers’ problems with the main product. While in UX vs. UI design, the UI is responsible for adding a feel to the product through interactive designs. We have gathered the major UX and UI differences. Let’s see what these UX and UI differences are:

  • A UX designer performs competitor research while a UI designer goes through the research of a UX designer for further development.
  • UX designer forms optimization strategy and product structure while UI designer is responsible for graphics and brand development.
  • The terms used in UX design are mostly iteration and testing, while UI design opts for animations and responsive and interactive designs.

So, this is the UX and UI difference. Regarding UX and UI differences, UX designers often collaborate with developers while UI designers work individually. Hence, this was the difference between UX and UI.

Wrapping up

Hence, this was all about the UX and UI design. We learned what UX and UI design are. Then we come across the job profiles of UX and UI designers, and we also get through the responsibility of both UX and UI designers.

A little competition between UI and UI designers, and then information about UX and UI design abbreviations. Although we read that UX and UI design doesn’t require coding, coding still enhances the skills of UX and UI designers and further helps them in product development. A decent product and optimization strategy is only responsible when both UX and UI designers come and work together.