Streaming Media Servers

Our vast media engineering experience has helped us design, build and develop complex media workflow solutions using industry proven enterprise grade media servers like Wowza, Nginx, Adobe FMS and more. We have partnered with global CDN services provider like Akamai, Highwinds, Ericsson and more to provide a world class media delivery experience to our customers.


Ffmpeg is a free software project consisting of a vast software suite of libraries and programs for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams. We have customised FFMPEG libraries to match video delivery needs.


Wowza media servers are enterprise grade streaming media servers. We have build a complete API suite and tools that gives us a complete control over wowza.


Nginx is one of the most widely adopted light weight cache server. We are using custom nginx servers to deploy for our premise based installations.


We have partnered with Akamai networks and deployed solutions for our customers at scale that allows them to continue using the CDN of their choice along with all the flexibility required.


Highwinds is a leading CDN provider for a highly cache driven deployments. For our consumer applications and media delivery models we have partnered with them to provide unmatched experience.

Ericsson UDN

We have associated with Ericsson UDN for custom developments and media centric deployments especially in South Asia.


Live video workflows

Live video streaming systems require custom media processing, recording, caching and delivery. By developing custom media workflows using Wowza APIs and NGINX modules, we have solved some of the most challenging live video delivery needs.

CDN Integration

Time and again our engineering teams have worked with CDN providers globally to do a deeper integration with their systems to distribute and deliver media contents across multiple geographic regions.

Media Processing

Process, extract, trim, convert or transcode using FFMPEG custom modules. We have helped some of our broadcaster customers to use FFMPEG services extensively to do more.

Ideal Solution For

  • Live video streaming apps

  • Social Media Apps

  • Game streaming

  • Live and on-demand video trainings

  • Corporate Communications