AR/VR and Wearables

We are engaged with some of the brightest and innovative teams who are changing the dynamics of how content is consumed. Be it interactive and rich media experiences, video trainings or watching a movie, we are designing and developing AR/VR experiences on mobiles and custom hardware wearables.

360 video

We are working with industry leading studios, creators and platforms to enable support for 360 videos for educational institutions, entertainment and broadcasters.

Rich Video

Engage your audience with on video interactions, surveys, questions, answers and more. Create more rich media experience by enabling the details to your content.

AR and VR

We have a taken deeper dive and explored the possibilities of AR and VR using industry proven Vuforia and Unity platforms. More recently we are taking it further with iOS’s ARKit.


Application Design

User interface and experience designs for rich media applications. Be it AR, VR or a custom wearable.

Content Management Platforms

Developing a highly robust, flexible and scalable content management platform that support new age media formats like 360 video, VR content etc that infuse rich media experience.

SDK Integration

Integrating industry standard SDKs into customer’s products.

Ideal Solution For

  • Education Institution

  • Media Houses

  • Broadcasters

  • Social Media Influencers