Intellimedia offers video based ML algorithms and AI tools using some of the world’s best AI services to build solutions that unlock video insights. Be it content compliance, smart surveillance, object recognition or more we push the technology envelope to uncover additional intelligence for both your live and on-demand video needs. Discover more with our engine.

Our engine enables powerful content discovery and engaging video experiences for a variety of applications. Utilizing the latest AI image and video recognition engines, engine can be used in default mode where we have a vast number of objects that can be recognized or we can customize our engine to recognize specific objects based on customer needs. With the number of trained objects approaching in the tens of thousands the engine will accurately recognize and extract meta data from videoframes to provide credible information.

Enhanced Content Recommendation

Utilize the engine to improve search results and rediscover a wealth of information accumulated in current video libraries. Extracted meta data helps viewers filter search results to get to relevant information quickly.

Advanced Security

The engine is a natural fit for security applications where processing either live or on-demand video of either large libraries or live video feeds generates results that help identify targeted elements. Our objects, faces or sentiments detection can be further trained to discover other characteristics based on the client’s needs.

Workflow Automation

Manage cost and time by enabling an automated filter for inappropriate content or generate automated transcription from videos.

Targeted Contextual Advertising

Identify appropriate locations in videos to insert advertising content based on segments of videos matching timeframe based labels and ads.

Experience the power of video AI with Intellimedia Networks Medea.AI solution.

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Object Recognition

Be it humans, objects or animals. Video AI can help you automate the object recognition workflows.

Rich Metadata Extraction

Uncover the sentiments, faces or celebrities or more.

Searchable Video Archives

Use AI to build searchable video archives.

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