Working on video frontiers

We build software products that scale beyond platforms. As a part of our technical evolution we have adopted proven tools, technologies & processes that allow us to scale and stay agile. Our constantly updated solution set provides customers with a competitive edge as we continuously review and update our understanding and assumptions across all platforms.

All Platforms

Cloud & Serverless Computing

We have helped companies adopt cloud strategy to optimize costs, build resilient architectures and make it available for scale from ground up. Know More

Streaming Media Servers

Our vast media engineering experience has helped us design, build and develop complex media workflow solutions using industry proven enterprise grade media servers like Wowza, Nginx, Adobe FMS and more.Know More

Connected TV Apps

Our teams have worked with some of the leading engineering companies to deliver a consistent live and on-demand video experiences on new generation smart displays and televisions.Know More


We have worked with industry leading enterprise grade video encoders company in America.Know More

AR/VR and Wearables

We are engaged with some of the brightest and innovative teams who are changing the dynamics of how content is consumed.Know More


We are exploring the possibilities of video based ML algorithms and AI tools using some of the world’s best AI services to build technologies that can unlock video insights. Know More