Product Development
World class product engineering

We have helped startups, SMBs and enterprise companies transform their vision into stable, scalable media products by solving complex media engineering challenges. We offer full stack Web, iOS, Android, and streaming media development services that are designed to accelerate product development and bring business agility.

Our Clients

We are committed to provide world-class media delivery
solutions to our customers.

Our approach

At IntelliMedia Networks,we build strong relationships with our clients by adopting following principles.

Collaborative Approach

We work hand in hand as a team with our customers. Right from the brain storming sessions to development sprints we are fully engaged to have a strong feedback loop.
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User first designs

Our ideation for designs starts with user. Be it a web or mobile app design, our teams observe, understand and define workflows that works for users.
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Agile & lean environment

We have adopted agile scrum for leaner development cycles. Sprint driven product rollouts and feedbacks help us to move in synchrony.Know More

Outcome driven

Our teams are obsessed with performance and perfection. We focus on outcomes right from the start.
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Transparent at all the levels

We engage with our customers right from design to deployment in an absolute transparent way. This is imperative for a great product development.
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A whole lot of heart

Being a product company ourselves, everything that we do, we do it with heart. We do with a belief system to make an impact for our customers.Know More

Our Process

Multi Screen Experiences

OTT Apps

We will help you deliver an engaging experience to user by enabling most intuitive OTT apps for phones, tvs and more.
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Mobile Apps

Be it an iOS or Android mobile app – we have perfected the art of developing on all platforms for most complex business needs.
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Web Apps

We have adopted world class technology stacks to develop blazing fast and responsive web apps that perform at any scale.Know More

Connected Devices Apps

An app for a tv or a linux box, we have built lot of custom software stack that can power any hardware.
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