TRU-TRANSCODE™ forms the heart of the Synergy’s PIXFIX™ product line and the technique is a result of research and development effort that has been spent over nearly 4 years.


RAFT™, Rapid Acceleration For Transcoding is a collection of algorithms, which uses advanced mathematical modeling techniques to improve video transcoding performance and harnesses the processor infrastructure for optimizing complexity and improving quality.

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Hierarchical Evaluation and Learning Machine algorithmic method, is part of IntelliMedia Networks’ TRU-TRANSCODE™ technique.

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PIXMAX™ uses TRU-TRANSCODE™ techniques in creating flexibility for the customers between quality and compute efficiency, so they can intelligently manoeuvre based on the monetizing needs for their end consumers.

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PIXiT™ uses TRU-TRANSCODE™ technique using heuristic method of transcode acceleration.

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PIXABIT™ is IntelliMedia Networks’ path breaking feature, it lets customers to dynamically change the bit rate of the video, on the fly – on demand.

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SAND™ algorithm is part of IntelliMedia Networks’ TRU-TRANSCODE™ methodology.

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