Synergy video platform can be extended to use connected smart TV platforms (Samsung/LG smart TVs) and other media boxes (Roku) to publish and distribute live and on-demand video through their native apps.

Content Ingest and Transcoding

Synergy Smart takes care of live and on-demand video content ingestion, transcoding, and hosting on cloud taking away all the pains of high-resolution video files allowing companies to focus on content creation.

Publishing and Distribution

Synergy Smart is completely cloud driven and hence takes care of all the publishing and distribution bottlenecks by intelligently detecting the requesting device and location there by distributing the valid content through its CDN POP locations.

Branded Native Apps

Synergy Smart gives choice of customizations and branding for setting up native apps on ROKU and connected TV platforms. From branding graphics, to the look and feel, the entire app can be customized via template selection.

Complete Control

Synergy Smart lets user take charge of the content and allows to setup rules and controls to distribute which content and how.


Synergy Smart can be extended to work with most standard advertising networks allowing user full freedom to have choice of advertising network with their content.


Synergy Smart works with all the standard connected TV platforms like Roku, Samsung, and LG smart TVs to have detailed analytics and reporting on viewership patterns and data.