Synergy implementation on the private cloud provides a range of product skew with state of the art stream maximizing features and quality techniques thus maximizing ROI for the delivered stream. With the first of its kind on the fly on-demand bit rate shaping technique, we are extending the boundaries of technology to support ever demanding varying network conditions.

Live Content Platform and Distribution Network

Available as public cloud, private cloud or on premise.

Intelligent infrastructure scalability attributes.

Fully customized security parameters to match enterprise-grade security standards.

Intelligent transcode workflows to match industrial requirements


On-cloud archival and storage capabilities on request.

Hybrid of industrial grade NGINX and Wowza media servers.

Complete control over configuration to enable lowest latency possible. Approximate 4-6 seconds on RTMP and 10+ seconds on HLS.

Can work as origin for ingest and further be extended to any standard CDN providers for distribution.