SYNERGY MOBI is a cloud based mobile live streaming and on-demand video ecosystem consisting of SYNERGY mobile application suite. It consists of multiple video distribution channels through independent video ingestion and distribution networks. SYNERGY MOBI allows easy management, granular control, ease of scale, consistent, and robust performance across distributed geography with minimum latency.

SYNERGY MOBI’s flexible architecture and component driven design allows rapid development, custom workflows for live and on-demand videos, ease of integration with various distribution networks allowing robust performance across iOS and Android mobile development platforms.


Ingestion and Distribution – Cloud

  • Multi-Region Origins on Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Multi-Region distribution edges on Amazon EC2 cloud
  • Extensible iOS/Android UI Framework
  • Secure Streaming


  • Live chat over video
  • User engagement interactivity features for likes/hearts etc.
  • Real-time location capture
  • Live user view counts and profile views

Live Video Playback

  • RTMP playback support with reduced latency of 1-4 seconds
  • Secure playback
  • Multi-stream view (side by side)
  • Landscape/Portrait viewing modes
  • Playback endpoints in app and web
  • Live share integration with social networks and e-mail clients

Recorded Video

  • Customizable Player Framework
  • Ability to download the video to user camera library
  • Offline mode capabilities

Live Video Ingestion

  • Multi-quality ingests – supports up to 1080p
  • Portrait and landscape view capture
  • Secure ingestion capabilities
  • Supports RTMP/RTSP
  • Capture and archive live video feed at higher bitrate/resolution
  • Live screenshots capture
  • Multi-stream ingest to same account for multi-angle view

Authentication / Authorization

  • Social network sign-up
  • OAuth 2.0 support
  • LDAP support
  • Custom e-mail verification
  • SMS verification


  • SYNERGY MOBI is the only cloud-based mobile to mobile/desktop/IP TV/Setup box live video streaming ecosystem offering.
  • SYNERGY MOBI’s unique architecture reduces infrastructure cost by 1000% to 1500% compared to traditional large-scale live video steaming platforms.
  • Scalable, robust, and optimized performance over distributed geography.
  • Independent and decoupled ingestion and playback networks for custom control and management.
  • Granular control over the video ingestion and broadcaster usage patterns.
  • Detailed analytics and monitoring of viewership patterns.
  • Security and total control of end-to-end live video streaming ecosystem.
  • Ease of use and integration capabilities with leading social networks.
  • Powerful in-built user interactivity features