Synergy Faith

Synergy video platform offers the unique opportunity to expand your reach beyond physical boundaries and get your message heard. We offer complete turnkey systems enabling your organization to reach the world with the power of your message. Make sure your audience has access to the valuable resources they need through our live video and on-demand video platform.

Take your organization to the next level by reaching beyond the geographic limits to communicate with a wider audience. Or make a bigger impact on the local community. Or show a friend, family member or potential sponsor what it’s really about. With the Synergy video streaming platform, you can broadcast your message when the impact is the highest – Live!


  • Increase the reach of your message
  • Viewers can watch video 24/7
  • Expand attendance
  • Make new community connections
  • Provide online donation opportunities
  • Increase retention of existing members
  • Save on facility costs
  • Provide people a glimpse of your unique culture
  • Communicate your message


  • Broadcast sermons and ministry events Live
  • Broadcast community events and meetings
  • Fundraising and promotional videos

Synergy Faith Casting

Synergy Faith Casting is a one-stop-shop integrated solution for the Faith market with all elements of live video delivery and on-demand, covered – right from Synergy Live Encoders for video capture and all the way up to Synergy Faith platform for multiscreen delivery.