Spread across SB, EL, HE and NG series – Synergy Live Encoders and Transcoders give best bang for your buck for optimal quality, right from entry-level needs to large scale enterprise applications.


Synergy Live – SB Series is capable of converting of your HDMI/SDI output from your camera and streaming it locally and or to any distribution networks which includes various CDNs, Platforms, YouTube etc., SB series is portable and easy to configure. Embedded with IntelliMedia’s PIXABIT™ technology, it provides you with superior quality video no matter, whatever kind of internet connection you may have.


With 1 or 2 Channel SDI or up-to 4 Channel IP inputs, this enterprise class ENCODER/TRANSCODER hardware empowers broadcast, education and surveillance segments to deliver multi-screen solutions. With on the fly bit rate using PIXABIT™ and stream maximization techniques using PIXMAX™, the EL Series delivers best bang for your buck making it an ideal product for your entry level enterprise needs.


Synergy Live – HE Series are Encode/Transcode juggernauts with enough power to handle multiple SDI/ASI/IP inputs starting from as much as 4 live channels. HE Series gives the best cost per stream for large scale applications. Suited for large broadcasters, MSOs, CDNs and TELCOs, HE Series is a must for dealing with multiple channels. These Encoders/Transcoders have IntelliMedia’s patented algorithms which provide intelligent video optimization for Encoding and Transcoding.


Watch out for SYNERGY NG Series line of products for HEVC encoding and transcoding capability. Targeted for the next generation state of the art encoding and transcoding for 4K video work flow – the ultra-sophisticated products will take you beyond your imagination.