Synergy Video Appliances

Synergy is the flagship product line of IntelliMedia Networks. Encoders, Transcoders and Teleport versions of Synergy are being used in Live applications across the globe. The underlying technology is developed through tens of man years of research. PIXABIT™, PIXMAX™ and PIXIT™ are the modules embedded in Synergy case of servers which help in dynamic bit-rate control, on-the-fly stream-control and intelligent in-line transcoding. These modules, along with RAFT™, HELM™ and SAND™ counteract lossy compression and intelligently improve computational efficiency.

Synergy Live

High efficiency real-time encoding and transcoding for delivery of live broadcasts and events to traditional and new media platforms.

Synergy On-Demand

Super fast, high-performance file-based transcoding solution for broadcasters, CDN operators and enterprise to traditional and new media platforms.

Synergy Streamer

Highly integrated streaming solutions for the encoding and transcoding food chain for all in a box solution.