Deployment of Custom Solutions

Encoding, Transcoding and Streaming technology is a complex and continuously evolving landscape. The possible combination of encoders, codecs, servers, protocols, devices, and other variables is nearly endless. While an out-of-the-box solution may work for some purposes, a more customized approach may work best if you have a very specific vision that you want to see realized. Our strength lies in taking a personalized, consultative approach in creating a solution for every customer.

Because of our Synergy solutions, we have complete control over our video distribution systems. We develop all of our systems and applications in-house and have an unparalleled ability to cater to your unique needs.

Licensing & Deployment of Synergy PixFlex Engine

Talk to us if you wish to use the kernel PIXFLEX™ that powers the state of the art SYNERGY Encoders and Transcoders in your industry standard hardware and if you wish to customize it to your video delivery landscape. We can deliver a license driven customized PIXFLEX™ for your encoding and transcoding needs.