December 10, 2021

GohTV Entertainment Streaming Platform Launching in Ethiopia


IntelliMedia Networks partners with GohTV Entertainment Streaming Platform Launching in Ethiopia

IntelliMedia Networks a U.S. based immersive media technology company in partnership with African Renaissance Television Service (ARTSTV) an Ethiopian content studio, and United Systems International, an Ethiopia based banking software systems company, have joined forces to launch GohTV a video entertainment streaming platform. GohTV is focused on distributing entertainment, documentary, news, and sports content in Africa, starting with Ethiopia’s 116 million population.

African has a population of 1 billion people with a median age of 19.2 years. Recent expansion of mobile telephone network capacity coupled with affordable smart phone hardware has created an unmet demand by Africans everywhere for entertainment content that reflect their cultural sensibilities. The GohTV partnership of the three companies utilizes IntelliMedia’s highly scalable Synergy media distribution platform, original content creation by ArtsTV studios coupled with Ethiopian languages dubbed licensed content and the financial transaction and local content delivery prowess of United Systems Integrators.

“We are excited to offer GohTV for the African entertainment streaming market starting with Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora. Ethiopians will be able to access their entertainment, news and other content in a readily accessible GohTV mobile application. The expansion of mobile network connectivity in Ethiopia coupled with wide adoption of smartphones makes GohTV a much-needed platform” said Teodros Gessesse, CEO and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks. “IntelliMedia Networks plans to aggressively pursue opportunities in emerging markets focusing on entertainment, training, and education applications,” said Mr. Gessesse.

“ArtsTV’s mission is to empower African countries to share their own stories and compete for the mind share and influence of their citizens. GohTV will be the ideal destination for movie studios and content owners in Africa to distribute and monetize their entertainment content. We aim to let the world watch stories from Africa produced by Africans. This partnership is a trifecta of best-in-class organizations aligning to serve a market beginning with Ethiopia,” said Dr. Zewdineh Haile, chairman of the ArtsTV board.

“The Ethiopian market is a perfect fit for IntelliMedia’s award-winning video distribution solutions. GohTV will offer hybrid business models and immersive technologies customized to our African audience that will help us rapidly acquire a strong customer base. My approach to the Ethiopian partnership is based out of a love that I have come to feel for the strong culture and heritage of the Ethiopian people and their strong desire to maintain their culture and languages,” said Darshan Sedani, President and co-founder of IntelliMedia Networks.

“GohTV will provide distribution onto mobile, set-top boxes such as Roku, Apple TV and TVOS systems using subscription, pay-per-view and advertising-based models. We have identified a huge gap in the market for a streaming service provider in Ethiopia that understands the Ethiopian market and customer. Our partnership in GohTV will fill the need for both Ethiopians in-country and the diaspora,” said Michael Shebelle, President of United Systems Integrators of Ethiopia.

The combination of the three partners will make GohTV a streaming video platform with original and licensed content utilizing a variety of subscriber monetizing models. The GohTV business model seeks to empower content owners, licensors and advertisers with a world-class entertainment delivery platform customized to the African populace. GohTV aspires to be the largest streaming service provider in the African entertainment market with in-country partnerships that focuses on mutual benefits. GohTV plans to launch within a few months in the Ethiopian market and rapidly expand into other African countries. IntelliMedia Networks will be unveiling the GohTV platform at the CES show in Las Vegas on January 5, 2022.

IntelliMedia Networks Inc. is a U.S.A. and India-based company specializing in developing and deploying immersive and scalable platforms that distribute content through the cloud and onto multiple screens. Utilizing extensive experience IntelliMedia has global customers in a variety of markets. IntelliMedia is a winner of two Product of the Year awards at the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters show for products recognized as trailblazers in the video industry.

African Renaissance Television Service, Inc. is a U.S.A. and Ethiopia-based media company creating original films, documentaries, games shows, and in-depth news analysis content. ARTS-produced shows are currently rated as the top two rated shows with subscribers numbering in the hundreds of thousands. ARTS plans to duplicate its success in Ethiopia by establishing ARTS studios in several countries in Africa.

United Systems Integrators is an Ethiopian company specializing in building and supporting IT infrastructure and software integration in the financial industry, focusing on banking application software and ERP implementations. USA is a best-practice proven system integrator in Africa with over 20 years of experience and excellent customer satisfaction track record headquartered in Addis Ababa with offices in Nairobi.

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