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Do you know that 3 million students pursue higher education via virtual classrooms? The significance of virtual classrooms has somewhat increased in this pandemic. But a virtual classroom can only be effective if the best virtual classroom software is used. Finding the best virtual classroom software that can fulfill all the needs of the best virtual classroom is not a bed of roses. 

Good software consists of various features, including virtual whiteboards, text chats, screen recordings, synchronized learning, etc. Paid software has almost all intact. Free software may or may not contain all its features. But some may not have the budget to access the best virtual classroom software. That’s why we brought you the free or paid best virtual classroom software in 2022. Let’s explore what these best virtual classroom software solutions are.

What is virtual learning software?

Before diving in to find the best virtual classroom software solutions, you must be aware of what virtual training software is. Virtual training software is somewhat similar to web conferencing, but these two things are completely different. A web conference is among the best virtual classroom software solutions for people to meet and discuss stuff. But it lacks the virtual training software features which form the virtual classroom webinar meetings environment. A virtual classroom platforms software contains the following features:

Timely videos and audios: 

The audio and videos should be clear even in the case of slow networks.

Decent conversation quality:

Optimize the video chat quality for clear conservation between instructors and students or between students. 

Well-structured Digital whiteboard:

3D digital whiteboard to draw and learn stuff and showcase it to students in real-time.

Personal classes:

Software must have a scope of organizing one on one or private classes for individual students.

Adequate text chats:

The virtual classroom platforms must have good text chats that can make spelling games and writing chats easier for students. 

Enhanced interaction between instructors and students: 

The virtual classroom platform software must have improved features of virtual ticks and hand raises, which make studying fun and better student interaction. 

Organization of group classes:

The online learning software must have the scope of organizing classes for numerous students.

Class recording and class reviews:

The online learning software should be able to record classes so that students can replay those classes on their PC in case they have missed them. Similarly, online learning software must have the ability to review annotation files and whiteboard students in case of doubts and cross-questioning. 

Class scheduling and accessibility on phones and tablets:

The online learning software must be accessible on every device, including tablets and phones. Choose online learning software which can schedule and set reminders for upcoming classes.

Which software is best for online teaching?

Choosing the best software for virtual classrooms can be tricky, and affordable software with every required feature is hard to find. Here is the list of some best virtual classroom software that provides decent virtual classroom webinar meetings experience:


LearnCube is award-winning online classroom platform software. It furnishes white labels, digital whiteboards, and exclusive audio and video experiences on online classroom platforms. 

Its customizable features of free downloading and custom branding make it stand out among enterprise media companies’ services. Its learning management system can even withhold ten teachers via its enterprise media companies service. 


BigBlueButton is the best virtual classroom platform software known to be built by the teachers and for the teachers. The best virtual classroom platform software services are available in 65 languages worldwide. 

Its exceptional APIs, integrations, LMS, and development make it the best online teaching software. You can collaborate with third-party resources and features to enhance the learner’s experience. 

Electa Live

Electa Live is known for its copious features in a single software. 

It can build online courses and also look over instructors and teacher management. 

It can share and deliver study material, including docs and pdf files. 

You can collaborate with other software features with Electa Live. It organizes assignments, tests, homework, and assessments. 

It can report grade documents, and it can also organize forums, discussions, and announcements. 

Recorded sessions, integrations, and customization are other valuable features of Electa Live.

Adobe Connect

Another best online teaching software is Adobe Connect, it provides real-time video experience in engaging classes. Adobe Connect data privacy is a plus point, so you do not need to stress about students’ information which they need to give the whole logging into their accounts. 

You can integrate with other virtual classroom software solutions with Adobe Connect. A whole customer relationship management and e-learning solution are drafted by the best virtual classroom software Adobe Connect.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate, as its name suggests, boasts of being “more than being just a classroom.” The attendance in blackboard Collaborate is automated, and it takes attendance and then sends it to LMS for further review and student grading. 

The classes get recorded automatically and saved to files when video sessions end. It allows students to replay classes they have missed or in case of having doubts. Course scheduling and video session scheduling are additional features that Blackboard Collaborate provides its users. With Blackboard Collaborate, you can easily track every individual’s progress.

What is the best free software for online teaching?

A few of the best free virtual classroom software are:


Vedamo has one of the best content management systems, which makes it the fairest software for online teaching. It provides a 30-day free trial to its users, and if you want to continue using Vedamo software for online education, you will have to buy a paid version. 

Vedamo software for online teaching has some exclusive features, such as its chat boxes and digital whiteboard, which allows teachers to check every individual’s progress in real-time. You can even collaborate with any third software while using Vedamo to include any other outsource features and documents to enhance students’ learning experience.


Another free virtual training platform software is Zoom. It is one of the most popular among all virtual training platform software because of its large holding capacity of students. Do you know Zoom alone can hold 100 students together on its virtual training platforms? 

Its content management system features such as polling, breakout rooms, hand raise, etc. make it stand out from various content management systems of other software. Zoom’s content management system allows every meeting to continue for only up to 40 minutes, and one has to restart the session for the meeting to exceed 40 minutes.


WizIQ is another free classroom webinar meeting software that provides video content management services. WizIQ software virtual classroom features include basic whiteboards, video conferencing, and the ability to schedule meetings and reminders. 

The best part of its classroom webinar meetings is that you do not need to pre-install any software or system to get access. It provides its virtual classroom features without installation. Its video content management services and classroom webinar meetings are only available for 14 days. After this, you have to buy its paid version. 

Newrow Smart

Newrow Smart is a web browser-based software that provides smooth virtual classroom webinars. You do not need to pre-install any systems or software for Newrow Smart’s video content management system. 

Its video content management system enhances the quality of virtual classroom webinars by organizing live quizzes and also delivers feedback to students and instructors for further improvisation. But Newrow smart provides only 5 participants in its virtual classroom webinars and group discussions. A paid version is always required for better classroom software solutions.

HeyHi Whiteboard

HeyHi Whiteboard is another free virtual classroom software solution. It is a multitasker, providing independent one-to-one sessions and group video conferencing. Its classroom software solutions are designed to share every feature, such as whiteboards and documents, with fellow students and between instructors and students. 

HeyHi Whiteboard virtual classroom webinar meetings can hold up to 100 participants. Its virtual classroom webinar meetings boast of providing students with an actual classroom experience. You can even download the templates and content displayed or drawn on HeyHi Whiteboard.

Wrapping up

Hence, this was the top 10 best virtual classroom software in 2022. You get to know virtual classroom software and the exclusive and required features that almost every software must have. 

Then we get to know the five best virtual classroom software. Then we discussed the best free virtual classroom software. You can always opt for free versions if you want to organize a few sessions with your students. But for long-term and smooth learning, paid virtual classroom software is necessary. Now don’t wait anymore. Since you know so much software, opt for anyone soon.

Written byVikalp Mehta