Secured video delivery platform for enterprises

With it’s Synergy video platform available on cloud, mobile and Premise offerings, IntelliMedia Networks provide enterprise customers an ability to initiate, process and deliver secure video over a variety of viewing devices.


  • Access controlled and secure video delivery.
  • Engages your staff and your partners with a high impact video broadcasts.
  • Trains your staff both locally and remotely with information that is not available to the general public.
  • Offer your compliance, product training and sales videos embedded with analytics capabilities to measure impact.


Boston financial company

Broadcast morning calls to partners on outside networks using secure live and recorded videos.


Live broadcast pharmaceutical product training to a live audience of sales and partners to support sales and compliance.

Eris Lifesciences

Broadcast secure streamed pharmaceutical conferences to a wider group of attendees over the Internet.


National sales meeting covering multiple zones through secured live interactive sessions in real time over web and phones.


Powering their retail workforce trainings on an ongoing basis by delivering live and recorded training content.