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What is Synergy Cloud OTT ?

Synergy Cloud OTT is a powerful online movie and video sharing ecosystem. It provides a video-streaming solution which gives your connected devices access to your library of online content. This, just like Netflix, is a subscription service making it perfect for anyone with an abundance of video content just waiting to be shared with your following of adoring fans.

Whether you have a few videos or thousands of video clips, the online video library makes it easy to sort, manage, and organize your entire media library. Upload almost any type of video file, tag it with any information you want and then categorize and generate a thumbnail automatically. Your users will subscribe with your service to view the movies and shows using our PayPal integration. The Synergy Cloud OTT ecosystem provides everything you need to organize and manage your video library.

Kickstart your own Netflix/Hulu like On-Demand video service today!

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